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Han Jue (韩絕) is the main protagonist of Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years. He is the Immortal God of the Reroll World, Overlord of the Hidden Sect, and the Creator of the Ultimate Origin Realm. He is regarded as the Strongest of Chaos and also the Heir of Creation Will

In the Immortal World, he is the ancestor of the Hidden Sect and the most powerful Immeasurable Merit Divine Might Heavenly Sage. His other identity is infamously known as the "Dark Forbidden Lord", a hidden cultivator and Spreader of Darkness scheming behind the scenes, a mysterious immortal ranked cultivator of the Immortal Realm. He is the most notorious and feared among the immortals known for his dreadful curses because all of his enemies died in some of the most painful and gruesome deaths through his curses using the Book of Misfortune.


From a young age, Han Jue was exceptionally beautiful charming and loved by everyone. He is considered to be the epitome of beauty as well as being the most handsome man in existence. As the more he continued to breakthrough his cultivation realms, the more his beauty and grace are elevated by many orders of magnitude. His bearing and aura became even more refined, alongside the immortal aura around him, it was just as though he was an immortal deity that had been banished in the mortal realm.

From the Deity Realm onward, Han Jue's simple presence started to emit even more pressure. After merging with the Strange Deity and attaining the Zenith Heaven Realm, a black pattern appeared between his eyebrows, resulting in his eyes permanently turning purple and thus making him look even more attractive than before.[1]

During his final bloodline evolution, after he became the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial, his purple eyes transformed and turned permanently red. He’s often described as being extremely beautiful yet devilishly handsome at the same time.


Han Jue has an extremely careful and cautious personality ever since at the young age due to his extreme fear of death. Since the beginning, Han Jue only takes action when he is absolutely sure he will win or will be able to escape if things didn’t went through as to how he had planned them, not being afraid to be called names such as “coward” and “weak”, or anything of the sort. As the only thing he truly cares about is himself. Seeing as his main and only goal is eternal life, Han Jue lives in seclusion, cultivating for most of his life and rarely, if ever, accepts an invitation to leave his Dao Field and wander in search for opportunities.

However, it is shown that after reaching the Great Dao Realm, Han Jue’s personality begins to shift and his cowardice quickly fades away simply due to the lack of individuals more powerful than him. It is stated that this could be in fact his true personality, and the over cautiousness and cowardice he demonstrated before were all for his goal of achieving immortality and invincibility, thus living forever. In fact, he actually enjoys showing off, but he chose to stay low key for his own safety.

Han Jue has stated several times that although he loves his sons, daughters, wives and disciples, if push comes to shove, he will not think twice to abandon them and prioritize saving his own life above everything else.


Han Jue was a reincarnated individual. In his previous life, he lived in the 21st century on Earth. At a young age, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He didn’t want to undergo the painful treatment and thus went home to wait for his death. That night, in order to numb himself, he found an old-school cultivation game to play until he eventually died. But after death, he actually found himself reincarnated into a new born baby in the world of cultivation.

Han Jue was born in a Cultivation Sect in the mortal world. His parents abandoned and left him when he was young. Ever since he was born, he had been living without any pressure. Before their disappearances, his parents were the servants of Elder Iron, an Alchemy Master of the Jade Pure Sect’s Outer Sect. They usually planted medicinal herbs for him. However, when he was six years old, his parents decided to fled on their own while leaving him behind, all alone in the clutches of Elder Iron.


When Han Jue woke up in the new world, he received a system that helped him roll dice to determine his cultivation potential. Every day, he rolled the dice once, and has been doing so since he was born until he was eleven years old - a total of around 4,000 rolls. He could only roll the dice once every 24 hours. Despite most of the time resulting in Trash Cultivation Potentials, Han Jue never gave up. Every morning, he would wash up and then sit on his wooden bed, waiting for the attributes list to refresh before perking up - it was like a lottery draw for him. This was what he looked forward to the most every day since his reincarnation.

Han Jue promised himself that he would never allow himself to cultivate as a mere mortal, and so he continued to exercise and roll the dice every day. Most of the time, he obtained Mixed Cultivation Potentials, but he remained undiscouraged, believing that he would eventually obtain a Godlike Cultivation Potential. It didn't matter if he cultivated later, as he wasn't seeking revenge on anyone. This kept him motivated and moving forward.

Eventually, Han Jue achieved his desired cultivation potential - a Top-notch Cultivation Potential. One day, he finally got lucky and rolled the following attributes:

[Cultivation Potential: Spiritual Physique of the Six Paths. Contains top-notch wind, fire, water, earth, wood, and thunder cultivation potentials. Increases providence to a certain extent.]

[Unparalleled: Immortal beauty, top-notch charm]

[Destined Sword Fanatic: Top-notch Sword Dao aptitude, top-notch Sword Dao learning ability]

[Unparalleled Movement Technique: Top-notch movement technique aptitude]

[Descendant of the Immortal Emperor: After the game begins, you will receive an unparalleled cultivation technique and 1,000 superior-grade spirit stones.]


Han Jue turned around and saw a blurry black shadow looking at him from afar.

“Who are you?” he asked in a low voice. Even if he knew, he had to pretend not to.

A hoarse voice sounded, “Han Jue, you reincarnated from the Primordial Chaos. You floated between the Primordial Chaos and the Chaos for countless years before finally finding the Chaos and descending into the Heavenly Dao. You were determined by the Dao Ancestor to be an anomaly.”

Han Jue was moved.

He was really shocked.

What did the Ninth Chaos mean? He was from the Primordial Chaos?

Han Jue had always thought that the Earth in his previous life was in the Earth Immortal World because its development was the same as the Earth in his previous life. However, without him, his relatives would have long died.

From the sound of it, could it be that the Earth he came from was not this Chaos?

“This Chaos is called the Ninth Chaos. There were eight more Chaos before the Ninth Chaos. However, they were completely destroyed during the formation process and no longer exist. You came from the Eighth Chaos. The rules of the Eighth Chaos collapsed not long after you died. The power of the rules happened to protect your soul and helped you survive in the Chaos. You’ve lived longer than the entire lifespan of the current Chaos,” the Ninth Chaos continued.

Han Jue was shocked.[2]

Could it be that the system was the power of rules of the Eighth Chaos?

No wonder there were so many treasures. No wonder it had seen the Primordial Fiendcelestial.

The Primordial Chaos was still around when the Eighth Chaos was destroyed, so the Primordial Fiendcelestial was naturally still around.

Could this be the reason why the Ninth Chaos placed the Eighth Chaos’ reincarnation in the Heavenly Dao and became Su Qi’s disciple?

He wanted him to receive the Eighth Chaos’ favor!

System Message At The Start[]

[Han Jue, you were born in a Cultivation Sect in the mortal world. From a young age, you were exceptionally beautiful and loved by everyone. Your parents abandoned you when you were young. It was as if you had a destiny for something. You have a talent that surpasses the rest of the world in the art of the sword. You can often feel that the world contains six mysterious powers that you cannot grasp or see…]

[Until today, you accidentally awakened the Immortal Emperor’s inheritance and obtained the unparalleled “Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique”. Because of this, you embarked on the path of cultivation.]


  • He was branded as the Dark Forbidden Lord and feared because all of his enemies died of painful deaths because of his curses using the Book of Misfortune.
  • Han Jue first had sex with Xing Hongxuan[3]
  • Han Jue's favorite child is Han Ling because of their similarities and mindsets for cultivation.
  • Han Jue's Ultimate Origin Realm already had a 100% of Ultimate Qi Essence.
  • Han Jue's soul originated from 8th Chaos which makes him older than the 9th Chaos itself.
  • The 8th Chaos was destroyed after Han Jue's first death.
  • Han Jue is able to manipulate the fundamental laws of the universe, bending them to his will and creating entire realms and dimensions at his whim.
  • He is able to split the fabric of reality itself, creating rifts and portals that lead to other dimensions and realms.
  • Han Jue is able to manipulate the very fabric of time, able to move freely through its flow and even manipulate the timeline itself.
  • He is able to transcend the boundaries of reality and exist beyond the confines of space and time, making him virtually untouchable by any other being.
  • Han Jue is able to wield the power of the gods, summoning celestial beings and objects from other realms to do his bidding.
  • He is able to tap into the power of the multiverse, harnessing the energy of countless dimensions and realms to fuel his abilities.
  • Han Jue's power is so immense that he is able to shatter the fourth wall and even interact with reality itself, writing his own novel and passing it into the world to be spread far and wide.
  • When all fictional characters are joined together, Han Jue exists on a different plane of existence, far beyond the reach of any other character.
  • He has achieved transcendent cultivation, granting him the ability to erase entire existences, amplify his own statistics, become incorporeal, and manipulate the void.
  • Han Jue has the ability to manipulate the concept of non-existence, allowing him to erase beings and objects from existence entirely.
  • He is able to manipulate the void, a concept that represents the absence of all things, and use it to his advantage in combat.
  • Han Jue has mastered ancient cultivation techniques, which grant him a range of abilities including intangibility, the ability to summon various beings and objects, heat manipulation, resistance to ice manipulation, and immunity to poisons and diseases.
  • He has the ability to manipulate causality and alter the flow of fate, as well as manipulate the minds of others and seal the memories of entire dimensions.
  • Han Jue is able to warp reality itself and make the inside become the outside in an entire dimension. His voice is also powerful enough to ignore natural laws.
  • He is able to travel through dimensions and create countless copies of himself for use in reincarnation. Han Jue also has an aura that inspires charisma, fear, and multifarious emotions in those around him.
  • Han Jue is able to seal space, time, karma, and reincarnation with his own power, and is able to consume the essence of other beings to increase his power.
  • After becoming the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial, anyone who looks at him for too long will have their body and soul obliterated if he doesn't restrain his divinity.
  • After reaching the Ultimate Origin Supreme Realm he created a dimension outside the Blank Realm which should have nothing outside the Blank Realm.


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